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What are everyones favorite sports?


The Rise of Cobra
31 Aug 2003
Howdy! I thought it would be cool to see what sports people call their favorites. Mine are:

1. Snowboarding: I feel free when it is just me, my board, and the mountain.

2. Rodeo

3. Martial arts (Tae Kwon Do, boxing, ect.)

4. American Football

5. Weight lifting

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Target Shooting !!!

Love shooting handguns; wish I could afford a few Machineguns, but ammo to expensive!!

Wow frank have you really used handguns? I would like to use a sniper rifle but anyways paintball is good, bowling yes i believe that is a sport, martial arts, basketball, ice skating, horseback riding and hmm i guess thats it for sports.
Kendo, hockey, basketball, and the occasional round of golf. Like Frank, I too also own handguns (although more for work-related reasons than recreational ones). I am looking forward to picking up my Kendo studies from where I left off once I return to Japan. It's been far too long...
Horseback riding, volleyball, football (even made a touchdown once, but only because the quarterback ripped his pants!), basketball, softball (sort of), bowling, martial arts, weight lifting (someone else said that--is that a sport?), swimming, water skiing (haven't tried snow skiing yet), etc.--seems like I'm forgetting something. And I like being a spectator of sports too! 😄
I love Football,Boxing,KickingBoxing,The best of them all Ultimate Fighting Champion.
This has to be one of the most badass sports i have seen in a while,it might be very violent for youngsters but other then that its great to see martial arts at ther full potential. Now join me in a beer for Sports
Thx Satori, I guess that would be me and you celebrating sports,Well you deserve the beer since you have been of great help to me and isnt beer great with sports?
Yes, and I was just thinking, it's the only way to watch sports, in my opinion!! I used to work for a law firm in Denver many years ago, and we had season tickets to the Bronco games. And I'll never forget sitting in the stands, sometimes in the snow, in my down jacket, eating nachos with jalapenos and drinking beer! Ah, that was the life!! 😄
Were you able to see Terral Davis when he was Active and doing Great.Im a great Denver Fan but after terral and left i Have been a little Loose with them latly But i really love ther new Running-Back.What do you think?
I haven't kept up with them lately. In fact, I have been sitting here racking my brain, trying to remember the name of the quarterback they had back in the '80s who used to kick field goals barefoot. Who WAS that??!

By the way, what did you mean I have been of great help to you?

you have made a couple of threads of online medatation and some other teaching links of tao and that sorta stuff

Do you remember?
Ohhh, I do remember that. In fact, I just saw the comments that you and Mad Pierrot made recently in the Online Meditation thread, and I plan to respond here shortly. I forgot to stay hooked up to that thread, so that's why I missed it! But I'll respond soon ... 😄
basketball,obviously is my love of life.


martial arts,I guess it is due to my Chinese blood,I am somehow interested in martial arts.
i dont do many sports.... i used to do Badminton ..thats pretty cool. Other than that i skateboard. I've been skating for about 10 years.. I ride BMX at the skateparks and street and ride my Jump Bike (moutain bike) at bmx tracks.. ;)

I like ice skating, basketball, tennis, badminton... I don't really remember many now.. ^^;
Hockey, Martial Arts, shooting, aircraft piloting, american football, soccer, just about sports I'll try once but this is my fav.s list.
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