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What about religion?


12 Jun 2002
I do understand that crime is so low in Japan and that the police don't have to carry guns. The ratio of foreigners affect the crime rate? I also have another question but might belong in another forum....it's regarding religion..I am aware that the main religions are shinto and buddhism...are there moslems there too? I ask this because my spouse is moslem but I am Christian...yeah, it is difficult since I elected to give up eating pork (at least when HE'S around..don't tell him that sometimes I DO get to sneak some pork).
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I just edited your post title, as I've moved it to this forum.

Most of the Muslims living in Japan are foreign workers, Iranians, Pakistani, Indians, Bangladeshi etc. Since many of them are married to Japanese, there are Japanese converts, although I have no numbers at hand. Historically, Islam has no roots in Japan.

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Thank you for the links...

I've never been to Lebanon...in fact, never been out of the States...unless you count a few hours in Tijuana as being out of the country. While in Detroit visiting one time I looked out at Windsor, Canada..lol. Due to threats of terrorism, I am too chicken to even consider going overseas...especially to the middle east though my husband, Oussama, says it is safe.
Gaijin and crime

I don't think that foreign nationals in Japan contribute significantly to the crime rate -- despite recent fears concerning what sort of havoc World Cup fans from abroad may raise (unfounded fears, it would appear). Of courses there have been some highly publicized cases of misbehaving US servicemen in and around Okinawa military bases, but anyone who reads the Japanese papers regularly will tell you that that crimes committed by gaijin make up a small percentage of the crimes taking place in Japan.
Hi, I'm new. 8 )

I'd like to ask how much Japanese people in general know about Christianity. I've encountered several anime and Japanese shows (but I don't know a lot of Nihonggo) that have people sing "Amazing Grace" in the background, but I don't think they really understand what it means.

Thanks! 🙂

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Hi, and welcome to the board!

I have no stats at hand, but I think that roughly 1% of the Japanese population is of Christian denomination. The history of the Japanese Christians is quite interesting, in particular during the time of oppression (starting from the 1620s until the end of the Tokugawa period, someone correct me please) when they had to practice their religion clandestinely and - lo and behold! - without spiritual guidance from Rome. Read Shusako Endo's books for more info.

I found out that Japanese use religious symbols quite innocently which is no sign of disrespect or anything (e.g. wearing a cross as necklace etc.). The same seems to apply to the anime you've watched.

The anime Rurouni Kenshin tackled that part of the history of Christianity in Japan a little bit. If I'm to believe what I saw, it was WEIRD.

Thanks again.

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Like Thomas said and I agree. I don't think the Japanese mean any harm by using religious objects, themese or music in anime, movies, or fashion. To most people, probably, these icons are cool, interesting or even fashionable.

In general, I'd say Japanese are very relaxed about religous orientations.

Although, after the 9-11 incident, some muslims heard the occansional "terrorist" comments on the train.

Muslim children probably find Japan a bit difficult to live in Japan because they're dealing with other children who being children find being different strange. Especially will be the praying and viel young women must wear outside.

Beyond that I haven't heard too much.

cheers and good luck
Just on a side-note (I do not intend to high-jack this thread): Islam and the veil, a touchy subject. The Quran itself does not require women to be veiled, the sura mentioning the veil specifically refers to Mohamed's wives (nine of them, as we know). Some societies and cultures adopting Islam were only too willing to continue discriminating against women (paternalism, traditional gender roles blabla), now basing such restrictions on pseudo-religious principles (as opposed to tradition and male dominance). That makes it much easier to justify gender-related restrictions. Of course, contemporary Islamic doctrine denies that fact. Interestingly, one of the most egalitarian Islamic countries (gender-wise) is Iran, despite the fact that some count it to the "Empire of Evil".

As I initially stated: just a side-note.
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Ahh, that's what the Americans what you to believe.

I don't know about the country that much but I've met quite a few decent Iranians in NY, CA and in Japan.

hmmm .... ahh hell, I give up on all this country BS.

Let us all take a look at the people and screw the governments ....

hmmmm is this communistic views? .... humanitarianism ??? hey somebody give me a hand on this one will ya!

hey, let's just call it net'ism. :)
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