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What " 春が三回笑ってもう会いないと言われだって " means ?


28 May 2017
Guys, I'm new around here And don't know exactlly how it works the forum but I have a question since 5 years ago. What " 春が三回笑ってもう会いないと言われだって " means ?
Where did you get it from? There are typos there.
Is there a character named "Haru" in the story?
That's a song, when I broke this sentence by its grammar partners
I have:
春が as a subject
三回 as a frequency adverb
笑って as a verb in te form

もう as a time adverb
会えない as a verb in negative potencial form
と言われだって as a verb in passive form
I'd translate that as " It's said that we can find the spring smiling three times" it doesn't make sense to me
I thougt this could be a Idiom or something.
The correct lyrics of SABOTEN 's smile is 春が三笑ってもう会えないと言われって.
BRT-MUSIC : smile - livedoor Blog(ブログ)

I also checked the song on Youtube, and confirmed that 三度 is correct as in the site I linked above. (The subtitle in the video is wrong, either.)

春が笑う is the writer's coined phrase probably made from a 季語 山笑う used in 俳句. 山笑う expresses a state "all of the tree buds open at the same time in mountain in springtime", so the writer would want to mean "the spring came around three times", i.e., "three years passed".

言われた is indeed past passive, but it's "I was told ~ (by you)", i.e., "you said to me ~", not "it's said ~".

春が三度笑って is not the object of 会えない. 春が三度笑って is a stand-alone clause.

Notice that もう会えないと言われたって夢の中でまた会える気がする is a set.
Thanks a lot. This question haunted me all these years, now I feel relieved.
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