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Well,Indians like Japanese

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4 May 2003
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The fact is Indians have a craze for Japan though next only to the big one(America).We have respect for them.Their reserved and shy nature may have created a kind of high esteem to them in our minds.
Konnichiwa YVijayaAditya-san!

I know there is a lot of pro Japanese countries in the world, and India is one of them. But the Japanese don't pay attention to pro Japanese countries. I think that the Japanese should take more interest in pro Japanese countries.:eek:
This is my opinion but I think all Japanese have good impression to India. Because India is the cradle of the Indus civilization and Buddhism. And India had diplomatic relations with Japan very fast(in April 1952). And now, India is famous for the movie and computer industry. India is a big and great country!;)

India is a pro Japanese country. But what is your country everyone?;)

I have been to a hostel in Puri (Orissa) whose manager spoke fluent Japanese and kept a huge collection of hundreds of Japanese books for the mostly Japanese guests. They also served "Japanese" food", which is something exceptional in India.

However, I also know that Japanese people are the first targets of Indian crooks and thieves, as Japanese are known for being rich, easily cheated and careless about their possessions.
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