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Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
I thought I would die without my Forum fix daily. I sure have missed you all !! If everyone E-Mails a few of their friends here at the Forum that we are back up and miss them, we can get back to normal sooner. I sent out notice to 40 of the people I talk to most so they will know to come back. Hope to hear from all of you real soon !!

Frank D. White

Hey there... thanks for letting me know we're up and running again, and well... I'm back...
Yeah that e-mailing works - Thank You Frank for e-mailing me! :) I came here as soon as I read the note...have I waited for this return!!

..Nice to be back 😄
Cheers, Frank!! You do us, justice!!

I would not have known!!! only for my delivery report of a private message!! I missed every-one!! (and my fix) Lolol: valentine nice to be home! ;)
Yay! Welcome back everybody! I missed this place so much! (Other forums can't just cut it.) Thanks for the pm, also, frank-san! 😄
I come to check here everyday, even while it was down, so it was quite a surprise to find it working again after such a long time! Thanks for the PM too. :)
The look is sooo great and our avas are bigger. This is sooo cool. It feels so differnet yet so modern lol great to be back
I may have to change my avatar and sig in a few...
*goes over to lift some mental weights* :angryfire
WoOt!! I checked pretty much every day to see if the forum was back and now it is!!! excellent-ay!!!! ... thanks for the PM frank!! 🙂 ...much appreciated dude!!!

It feels good to be back!
I feel all fluffy inside! :pdancing:
But they lost my favorite smiley :p
but they got the danceing one! U know i came here like everyday! what happened!? And i can't wait to talk to neptunemoon 😍 😌
Yeah....The forums back.
Let the fun, games, hand bags at dawn and thermo nuclear war begin again.
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