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20 Dec 2003
Well, I know I've done some weird/stupid things so far in my life.

The question is, what have any of you guys done?:p

So here's what we're going to do... Since I'm relatively new, and embarrased (obviously) about some things that I'll put into posts, I wanna see who else here has pulled a few stunts that they are/aren't proud of.
Someone start....Please? I'm by no means telling what I've done until I've seen a few good ones.
In my younger days, a couple of times I made a turn when the traffic light was red and no turns were allowed on red.

Does that count? ;-)
Here's one I wish I could forget !!

There was a bank next to where I worked that I went to every Friday to cash my check. There was a teller there that I thought was beautiful; until she stood up one day. She was 36-25-85 ! I was stunned how big her butt was; end of my fantasies.
well, shortly there after I bought my first car, and with a carload of friends, decide to use the drive- up window for the first time. Lo & behold, my former day-dream girl comes to the window and we all give her our paychecks. Brilliant me turns to tell them how she appears beautiful at the window, but don't be fooled, "She has the biggest *** in the world!!" I then turn back to the window and see all the people in the bank looking out the window at me with open mouthes. Too dumb to know the outside speaker was on, I wished I could die right there. To this day I wish I had said "Keep the Money" and driven away. Needless to say I changed banks and never went back. It's been over 30 years and I still feel bad about my stupidity !!


I'm astonished at you, Frank... :eek: :p

I'll have to think about this for awhile. I have so many of those kinds of moments...it's hard to keep track of them...
Well my ex boyfriend called me on my cell. I was on the house phone at the time. Well I decided to walk to the bathroom which is closet to my room so the person on my house phone couldnt hear my conversation. I'm known to climb things when I'm bored. I'm talking to my ex not thinking bout what I was doing. I climbed on top of the edge of the bathtub balancing on it. Then I put my wait on the towel rack dangling one foot while leaving one on the edge of the tub. Next thing I know the rack breaks. I hit the wall, the pipe next it and hit the floor. I landed on the side of my left foot and my right foot hit the floor toe first. My left foot ended up with a fracture and my toe on my other foot is a lil messed up. Embarrasing yes very. Many, many more to tell.
eto... let's see... I can't really remember anything... T-T how sad... I forget so easily!!
for some reason,they just don't close the doors of the girls locker room

when I was grade 10
I skipped class to play basketball in the gym,I was all alone in the gym,
the door of the girls locker room was open,and probably no one was inside,
well the thing was,the ball rolled into the locker room,
I was thinking 'should I go get it or not'
and I thought,no one was there so I went in,
and then suddenly I heard the other door was opening,I was looking for a place to hide,but there was no place to hide,the girls came in and saw me,a couple of them screamed,
I said 'I ...just....wanted... to get ball..the door was opened and it rolled in here....'
after I said this,I grabbed the ball quickly and ran out of the locker room at my fastest speed
Me and my boyfriend at the time were playing pool. Well it ended up getting sexual. We almost ended up on the pool table. Not pg13. Well when we finished we went up to pay for the game and I saw a tv on the desk. Turns out we were caught on camara.
I knew I'd seen that face(&body) !!!

That shot is on the end of tape 4, "Girls Gone Wild" !!! Neptunemoon will soon be famous like the Pam & Tommy tape !!!


PS--Just kidding !!

There was something that was kind of stupid I made someone do that made them look like a total fool. I'm in the navy and we always play jokes on the new sailors. We were on our way to Hong Kong at the time, and it was a beautiful day out. I was standing outside with one of the new girls on board, and told her that I see a sub in the water. Not just any sub, but a pink sub. She was like no you lying. I was like no for real. Then she look through the binos and said oooo I see it I see it. I told her quick go tell the captain. So she ran and said captain captain I spotted a pink sup off the bow. Everyone on the bridge was like what the hell. The Captain didn't know what to say he just got out from his chair laughing so hard tears just came streaming down his face. She was so ashamed that she went and hid somewhere. We were dying laughing that day.
$50.00 for inhaling a fart? LOL thats hilarious... but still... have you ever inhaled a salty wet one? my friend did that in the car and we were dying and thats with windows open.. oh god
Once upon a time in Chicago,

On a bet, I jumped off Navy Pier into Lake Michigan. I even stripped down to my boxers for the full effect. I was never paid the 30 dollars I was promised...

I once drank an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce on a dare at a Kappa Pi Iota party in college. This was immediately followed by me attempting to "sing" a karaoke rendition of David Cassidy's "I think I love you" in its entirety before puking all over my date's shoes. Needless to say, my attempt to impress her that evening didn't go over so well...
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