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free spirit
29 Oct 2002
I just recently found out that the main reason for having problems in creating layouts was that I was sick and tired of this industry and I was start to get a pathological fear of messing with pixels and code.
It is said that once you know the name of the demons that trouble you, they cease to have power over you.

The fact is that I'm starting to enjoy myself doing this work, so, I just started to do layouts again and I'm starting with my website. Here's two layouts:

Sorry for the big size but they are at 100% and I decided to set my standards to 1024x768 minimal.



Well, I just wanna share this with you people. I'll start coding it in transitional XHTML in a couple of hours.
Looks great, Luis! A bit sinister though, lol.

I am always worried about compatibility. I mean there are still people out there using Netcape 3.0 and browsing on 640x400 screen resolution. You can't please everyone, but I try to maintain a basic functionality even for such antique browsers. My new design works in NS 4.x.

Just checked my stats for 2002:

Screen resolution:

1. 800 x 600 pixels 43.73%
2. 1024 x 768 pixels 43.30%
3. 1280 x 1024 pixels 3.89%
4. 640 x 480 pixels 2.81%


1. Microsoft 91.73%
2. Netscape 6.87%
3. Other 1.40%

Browser versions:

4. Netscape 4.7 3.97%
15. Netscape 4.0 0.42%
16. Netscape 4.5 0.41%
17. Netscape 4.6 0.30%
26. Netscape 3.0 0.03%

I just can't let the Nutscrapers down. ;)
I have similar stats and would not normally do this, but I'm trying to break some rules in the process because I always design for 800x600, but eventually people will move on to 1024x768... hmm ... or won't they? I do have some friends that have 21" monitors and they still keep it at 800x600 because of poor eyesight...

.... converting the layout to 800x600 compatibility won't take much time and there are tricks to make it good at bigger resolutions.

Ok, I'll do it. If I don't follow regular web design practices in my own website, what kind of professional am I? :D
As for poor eye-sight, here's a great solution

=> http://www.iht.com/articles/87742.html

Click on A+ and A- to enlarge or minimize the font set, it's fantastic! They even let you choose the number of columns. Best of all, it's compatible with all browsers. Sure, Javascript has to be enabled.

XHTML... I still have no clue what it actually is. :D
A CSS selector? Hmmm... I think I told you about creating one for your new layouts. Shame on you ;)
Hehe, I know you told me about it in the other thread. I should have mentioned it in my post.

Blush, blush 😊

On the other hand such selectors only work with formatted articles, it's sounds like an awful lot of work if you tried to apply it globally to a site.
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