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Budd and Shadow: Thanks for suggesting ImageStation. I hadn't heard of it, but it looks very good. Would you care to share the direct links to your particular photos at ImageStation? Only if you feel comfortable doing so. :)

Mdchachi: Thanks for telling me about TrekEarth. I hadn't heard of that site either (Where have I been, anyway?!!), but I loved it! It's going to take me forever to look through all of the photos, but it will be well worth it. There are some fantastic photos at that site! ;) Would you also care to share a direct link to your particular photos? Also, I noticed while exploring TrekEarth that it is a spinoff of TrekJapan, which I also did not know about. Soooo, it looks as though I am going to be very busy viewing photos for a while!!

The thing I have always loved about Webshots is that you can download any of the photos as wallpaper and screensavers for your computer, as well as send them as ecards, and it is free. However, the thing I don't love about Webshots anymore is that as of last year, they have started to charge a fee for unlimited photos, etc. The basic service is still free, but I personally don't appreciate being strong-armed into paying for services, and that's why I now have a love/hate attitude towards them.

So thanks again for the great links! I will be sure to share them with my friends.

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