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15 Mar 2002
As the Cranberries once named an album "Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we", i'm thinking about starting a weblog.
It would appear to be an easy way to revive my long dead website.

Since i'm too lazy to do research myself, i was hoping anyone else could advice me which software to use. :)
Nice idea. Btw, your old page is still listed in our Topsites. :)

As for log scripts... heaven, there's such an abundance of progs. Zeitgeist requires you to use PHP with MySQL backend. The problem is that dynamic pages won't get spidered by search engines to the same extent as "normal" HTML pages.

Good old Links 2.0 (the script we use for our directory) could be one solution. You create your logs through an admin interface and just rebuild your pages. I am currently working on a glossary system along the same lines. If you're interested and/or don't find anything that suits your needs better, I'd install and adapt the script for you.

Of course, there are also PHP editors that allow you to output your pages in HTML.
Originally posted by thomas
Nice idea. Btw, your old page is still listed in our Topsites.

Ha, when i'm done with this weblog i'll be on top again. Although apparently i'd have to make a banner with boobs on it to succeed. :)

As for the weblog itself, I was rather looking for something that i can just wack onto a webserver without having to use my brain...
I'm like that... 😄
As long as you cover the boobs. We're family-friendly, you know... ;)

Hm, the log... depends on your server specs. How much space do you have? I could whack the script on your server for a test run.
Server? Darned, i don't have my own server. And my isp doesn't allow custom scripts. So much for that idea...

I've been looking around a bit though, and it looks like i'll have to resort to things like pitas.com or Blogger. Oh well...
I'm working on GeekLog right now. I was stuck between GeekLog and phpWebSite. I liked phpWebSite better but I wasn't too thrilled about their software updates every other week.

Have you thought of Slashdot? Hmmm, but that's even more troublesome to install.
Well, i'm gonna stick with Pitas for now. I've been checking it out and i can recommend it to everyone without their own server. I'll see if i can launch it this weekend. Thanks for the help.

Is it me, or did your voice suddenly get lower?
Originally posted by Twisted
Is it me, or did your voice suddenly get lower?

That's true, and I can't close my belt anymore...
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