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We want to see YOU in our team. We miss you!

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19 Mar 2003
Hello people!

I participate in RC5-72 challenge ( this is to legally break a 72 bit code and the prize for winner is 10,000$) and would like to invite you to join our team in this distributed computing project. Our team is small now but growing rapidly and hopefully we will get new members like YOU and can compete with top teams.
Here is statistics for our team:

Our proxy server

Our home page (in russian now only but maybe someone can help us to translate it to Japanese? that will be very cool project):

Please join us and help us to brake the code.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Have a good day
Hi, I have moved your post to our Chit Chat section. Also, please refer to our Forum Guidelines, duplicate posts are considered spam. Thanks!
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