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We need an native speaking jap translator (to translate anime)


12 Sep 2003
Hello. We are anime fansub group and we fansub anime, we have it all great servers/encoder, but we need a good translator...plz if u are even a little bit interested, contac us. My email is [email protected] and our address is http://anime-blitz.goldenrain.net

We are goint to fansub E's Otherwise next. We are just starting, but we have all it takes.

P.S. U could also use our forum to contact us: http://anime-blitz.goldenrain.net/forum

PLZ we need YOUR help 👏
Originally posted by Shinmeiryu
You might want to modify your title.
i agree im not japanese but when i hear the term "jap" i think of it as a very negative thing. probably cause thats what they were called in world war II and everyone (well in the usa anyway) disliked them
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