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Ways to tell if you're over 40 years old


27 Nov 2003
(These are my own, so some of these may not be that funny)

Ways to tell if you're over 40 years old

If you can remember a time when:

1. Movie theaters only had one screen (and a balcony) instead of multi-plexes
2. You got to see two movies for the price of one
3. Citibank was called "The First National City Bank"
4. An attendant pumped your gas at the gas station
5. Exxon was called Esso
6. Nissan was called Datsun
7. The ugliest looking car was either a Pinto or a Gremlin
8. An 8-track player was the coolest thing in your car
9. You had UHF on your TV set
10. At the end of the night, TV stations showed test patterns
11 You actually had to get up out of your chair and walk up to your TV set to change the station
12. Solitaire was played with a real deck of cards
13. L.A. just had one area code: 213
14. NYC just had one are code: 212
15. Dialing a phone number meant actually turning the rotary dial with your index finger
16. People used letters of the alphabet for the first two numbers of a phone number, e.g., Murray Hill 7-2300
17. Annoying people spoke on their CB radios instead of their cell phones as they drove
18. You rode on rollerskates that needed a "key"
19. Kids said "Neat!" instead of "Cool!"
20. McDonald's served people in the millions instead of billions
21. People thought Tang was as good as any real orange juice
22. Tab was the diet soda of choice
23. There were shoes with the heels lower than the toe called "Earth Shoes"
24. You knew an adult male who wore a "leisure suit"
25 "Boy/Girl Friday" was a low-paying office job
26. Only guy with first name "Ryan" was Ryan O'Neil
27. Only Oriental people you saw on TV were on "Hawaii Five-O"
28. "Saturday Night Live" was a great show
29. You worshipped: David Cassidy (for women)/Farrah Fawcett (for men)
30. Elton John played real rock & roll music ("Crocodile Rock" etc.)
31. Cher was made of human flesh and still married to Sonny
32. Sylvester Stallone starred in an Oscar-winning film
33. John Travolta danced better than a gay guy
34. Michael Jackson was black
35. Lawyers were well-respected
36. You thought kids could be trusted with your priest

:D :D :D
hey man dont make me feel old in the process, im only 21 and i remember some of those things :p
My first truck I learned on.....

Had the starter on the floor and High-low headlight switch on the floor.
The air cleaner on the carb was what they called an oil bath type. I stalled it once and took the air cleaner housing off. I thought it was strange that there was no air filter element in it. I thought the oil was gas from flooding the engine, and dumped it out. All the old timers laughed and explained before air filters the oil was sticky and would catch junk in it before it went into the carb.
The Old Guy !!


Originally posted by kirei_na_me
No kidding. I'm 27 and remember a lot of that...no, most of that, I think...


If you remember ALL of them, then you're over 40.

You can't remember "leisure suits"! They were big during 1973-74. You weren't even a pleasant thought yet.

Well, let's see here...

1. yes, remember that
2. yes, and you still can where I'm from. It's a drive-in movie theater.
3. no, don't remember that or wasn't paying attention
4. yes, and that is still alive where I live
5. yes
6. yes, because my mom had a little green Datsun that looked like a box and I tried to drive it when I was 4 years old (and she's never had anything other than a Nissan, btw)
7. yep, remember those...and the Yugo that came later...hehe
8. yes, I remember my dad playing his collection in our truck
9. Yep. I lived in the country, so I had that for the first half of my life
10. remember that
11. Yep. I was so delighted when they came out with the remote with the wire.
12. yep, used to do that all the time, and still prefer the real cards
13.-14. well, I can remember when a lot of places only had one area code
15. oh yeah, I love those...I still have one in my basement
16. no, can't say that I do remember that
17. yep
18. yep
19. yep, and I'd rather say "neat" anyway
20. didn't really notice
21. I used to love Tang!
22. Oh yes. My cousin used to live on those things....ick..
23. don't remember those
24. Well, Golgo, some men didn't let those die!
25 nope
26. I can't remember that time
27. what about Fantasy Island?
28. well, I don't remember that, but I love the re-runs!
29. *cringe*
30. I remember my uncle's 8 track!
31. a little before my time
32. didn't know it at that time, but knew it later...hehe
33. oh yeah! My personal favorite was Grease.
34. yep! Can you believe I had him on my wall and would kiss him with red lipstick?!
35. ha!
36. nope
I guess I'm just kind of nostalgic that way, Frank... ;)

I guess I yearn for a time when things were seemingly simpler. I think that's why I love The Andy Griffith Show or Leave it to Beaver... :p
Ya, I used to watch...

Father Knows Best, Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, etc. . Then I would wonder what went wrong with my family.


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