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6 Feb 2003
Hi, I'm Nyanko. I'm due to vist Japan for the first time in October this year and am sooo excited :D

I am a fan of all things Japanese, and facsinated by the culture.

\(^o^)/ see you around
Nya aka Kitty
Hi Nyanko, welcome aboard! 🙂

How long will you stay in Japan?
Konnichiwa Nyanko-san!

Welcome and Youkoso!🙂

If you have interest in Japanese castle, I recommend Himeji castle to you. Himeji castle is the most beautiful castle in Japan. It takes an hour on train from Osaka.

I got my itinerary through ...

London Heathrow-Tokyo Narita

7 nights Hotel Grand Palace, Tokyo
7 nights Rihga Royal Hotel, Kyoto
1 night Hotel New Hiroden, Hiroshima
1 night Iwassou Ryokan, Miyajima Island
2 nights Hotel ????? Osaka <-- that one's being sorted

Osaka Kansai-London Heathrow

Well ? Is it a good package ? Does anybody know the hotels ?

I need suggestions for sights to see etc....

😄 😄
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