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Watashi wa Scott desu. Hajimemashite.


25 Jun 2002
Konnichi wa! :)

Hey everyone! I just joined this forum thanks to Jupernia informing me about it. As you can see I'm in the beginning of learning Japanese. I'm having a total ball and I was searching for a forum like this, but couldn't find one! Jupernia seems to have answered my prayers! Thanks again, Jup.

Anyways, a little about me. I live in Michigan, in the USA. Studying foreign languages is one of my many hobbies. I speak English, French, Spanish, a little Dutch, and am now concentrating on Japanese. I love to swim, and play golf as well as listen to music. J-POP is all I've been listening to lately. Some of my favorites include Utada Hikaru, Ayumi Hamasaki, Morning Musume, Ken Hirai, Porno Grafitti, and Every Little Thing. I also like to watch movies. Comedy, action, and old black and whites are my favorites. I've gotten into Anime films lately because of my studies. I love Miyazaki's films and just ordered a box set of them in Japanese from Hong Kong. That should help me practice. heh

I'm going to be an avid poster here and I hope I'll have a great time. Arigato gozaimasu.

-Scott 👏
Hi Scott, welcome to the forum!

Nihongo, Jpop, J-movies, we have a bit of everything here, just feel at home.
Thanks for the warm welcome thomas! I'm sure I will. Samuraitora, I'm from Detroit, MI too! Are you in the actual city of Detroit or in the Detroit area?
Thanks sam. I'll be sure to keep it in mind. I'm not sure about your reply. Hehe I'm only almost done with the first chapter of my book. It looks like you said What... is it? I'm not sure what sai means...
Oh ok! I see now hehe. I'm 13...my brithday is June 29th (5 days from now!) And I'll be 14. I know I'm young..... heh
Lol I don't blame you. Alot of people are surprised. So what do you do for a living here in Michigan? I'm out for summer break.
I am a computer monkey...Data analyst,computer programmer, and web designer.

How did you get soo into languages?

I speak a little hawaiian, japanese, ancient egyptian, and a ton of bad english
Very cool. Hmm I guess my language obsession really started when I started Spanish about 2 years ago. I wanted to get a head start before I took my Spanish 1 class in school so I picked it up and started studying and learning like mad. I thought it was more fun than I could ever belive so I moved onto French....and then Dutch........and now here I am learning Japanese :)
japanese is by far my favorite language.

I have learned and forgotten Spanish, French, Cantonese, Old English, and Thai

Problem solving is great...that's why I am so into languages.
I never had a chance to study any lanuage, I'm not even that good at english,hehe I suppose it was caused by the constant moving around and attending a total of eight schools in my total nine years of education, sad I know but thats the way it was for me, each school had a very different pronouncation of the words which made me give up all to easy and feel intimadated by those pupils that it came natural too, Its a gift that only us who have not had a chance to practice any language dream of one day posessing(ooops) see what I mean hehe
Deb, English is one of the most underestimated languages. It is spoken and understood all over the world and we (non-native English speakers) use it while traveling or throughout internet day in day out, but I assure you it takes a lot of effort to reach higher levels of proficiency than usually required on internet.

John, just out of interest, what do you mean by 'Ancient Egyptian'?
The language of the ancient egyptians...reading heiroglyphs and speaking a language that has not been spoken in about 1000-2000 years, kinda cool.

They traced the sounds back through modern coptic to demonic and finally ancient egyptian. They are just taking educated guesses at what it would have sounded like. Writing the glyphs is kind of like writing Japanese.
Hehe, John, that's the reason I was asking. It's nearly impossible to say what ancient spoken Egyptian sounded like, since it's uncertain how vowels were pronounced (similar to Arabic or Hebrew: for beginners it's very difficult to read texts without vocalisation), though Demotic and Coptic may give some hints. The last Coptic dialects disappeared during the 16th or 17th century, nowadays "modern" Coptic is nothing but a liturgical language.

Anyhow, I'm very impressed by your interest in not so common languages.
I've only ever studied Japanese, about 8 years, thru high school, college, and now. Not really 'studying' now, but I'm in Japan, so I guess that counts.

I want to learn Chinese or Spanish someday!
@coptic dialects disappeared during the 16th or 17th century

There is a church that has been using Coptic and hasn't let it die. It is in egypt and has a few in other parts of the world.

My next task is to tackle Hawaiian.
first off, yoroshiku!!

WoW, informative and interesting thread.

I studied Spanish in high school, learned bad German from my parents while they were arguing and I'm pretty conversational in Japanese.

I just wish I was a little more adventerous and had gone further out in the world on my own.

Isn't the internet amazing, you run across all kinds of folks that you'D never imagine bumping into on the street.

Why Hawaiian? Hoping to get an interview with Akebono?
Wow, impressive. Let's see what languages i can add... :)
I speak german, english, french, japanese, polish, and i understand a little italian and spanish. and i learned latin in school, another old language...
@Scott: how do you learn japanese? In school or at home?
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