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Watashi wa gaijin desu yo...


8 Jul 2002
Hi everyone!
I am new to these forums, as you might have noticed!:)
I love this place😄
My entrance into this forum was quite difficult since I had an e-mail virus that wouldn't let me receive the registration confirmation e-mail! :box:
But it's ok. It was worth it! 👏
Posting my intro was also difficult because when I first tried to, the power was down, and the second time I did something foolish, and the post disappeared.:p
Anyway, onto my info.
My nickname is Kiryoku.*points at signature*
Kiryoku (as far as I know) means spiritual power, energy and vitality. I love the kanji as well!😊
Anyways, I am a Japanese learner, and I am sure I will find the Nihongo Lounge pretty useful. 👍
I love manga and anime. I do some drawing, I write and read poetry, err....that's all I guess!
Nice to be here. I hope we'll all get along just fine!! ;)

Ps: I dare you to guess where I live. He who guesses gets a cookie. lol :D
Hi kiryoku🙂

Welcome to the forum, and your right. We will all get along just fine.

Here's my guess of where your from, "London!" yes, I know already I'm wrong, haha, well worth a guess anyway,lolol🙂
Originally posted by Kiryoku
ps:I dare you to guess where I live.He who guesses,gets a cookie.lol
Welcome to the board!

Believe it or not, it was a cookie telling me where you're from.
Originally posted by deborah gormley
hi kiryoku🙂

welcome to the forum and your right we will all get along just fine.

heres my guess of where your from, "london!" yes I know already I'm wrong haha, well worth a guess anyway,lolol🙂

I'm not from London. :)
But where does it say I'm from,Thomas?
*is feeling he'll give away a cookie*
Oh,btw what does hajimemashite mean?
Oh, my cookie reveals your location, but not your origin of course.

Is your location and nationality the same?

[Hajime mashite] is the equivalent of "How do you do?", used when you meet someone for the first time. But I'm sure you knew that, hehe.
In fact, I didn't!😊
Anyway, you can reveal it or let people guess.
But I believe my location and origin are the same if your cookie is correct!:)

ps: I wouldn't say I like admin power overuse :box: lol :D
...admin power overuse...?

Hey, search our Forum FAQ section for "impeachment", LOL.
Just to lift the tension: Kiryoku-san is from the country where Turkish coffee is called Greek coffee, hehe.

[Sorry for the pun!]
lolol no tension here, sorry if it appeared that way, my sence of humour found that funny🙂

as for the turkish coffee being known as greek coffee, that lost me totally,lol, the only thing I know about coffee is "maxwell house" and "nescafe" lolol, and the old Irish method,lolol

only tell if you want to, I'm just kidding around,hope you are feeling at home here,🙂 🙂
@ samuraitora

Ohhhh well its abit of fun,🙂 have you had a guess yet???? maybe you can work out the clue about the coffee!!!

( be a dote and pm me with the ans and I'l pretend I got it myself)lolol 😇
C'mon....the country where Turkish coffee is called GREEK coffee....lol it's an easy guess right now I think.:D
Yeah that's right....I'll have to upload it somewhere else or come up with something better :p
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