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Waseda University International Admissionsについて?


Jan 19, 2017
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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site so to begin I would like to introduce myself! My names Alvin and I'm currently a high school student in the United States.
Does anybody attend Waseda University as a international student in any of the English undergraduate programs? I would like to know how campus life is and what it took you guys to get enrolled. I know this isn't College Confidential or anything but also can somebody please evaluate my chances of getting in? I'm interested in applying for the Political Science Department. 「政治経済学院」

Grades (1st and 2nd semester)
English I: A+, A+
Math I: C+, B-
Biology: B, B+
Japanese: A+, A+
Health: B+, A+
Marching Band: A+
Concert Band: A+

English II Honors: C+, C+
Math II: C-, C-
World History: A+, A+
Physical Education: A+, A+
Badminton: A+, A+
Chemistry: C, C+
Japanese: B+, A+

English III: A, A+
Math III- C+, B-
US History - A+, A+
AP Psychology: B-, B+
APJapnese: A+, A+
AP Biology: C-, C-

Extra Ciricular: marching band and concert Band for one year, exchange student to japan, badminton for one year, worked part time job for two years in my town.

ap tests:
japanese - 5
psychology- 4
biology - 1 (super hard)

SAT: 1310
I know I may not be the best student but I really put my heart into this application and I would really like to know if I can get in. Thank you!