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WarCraft 3(Frozen Throne)


8 Dec 2003
Well its a great game that i would think,Well i made this thread to see if ther were any players who would like to set up a match or find out about the game if im able to help.:smoke:
I haven't got Frozen Throne..I only have Warcraft 3. I remember getting stuck on the 2 or 3 chapter on the human game. When your running around a city smashing buildings and killing the infected peasents before the big demon gets too many of them. I'd nearly get the required amount and then i recon the demon would cheat or something...blumin thing. :D

I was Wondering if you ever play Custom Maps.This is my favorite part of the game,Because ther is a more variaty type of styles of gaming genras.

Well have you ever heard of "Towers" or "DIXELS"?
Why dont we play together one time?
do you have msn or anything i can contact you so we can have a little fun. 😲
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