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Want to start an acapella group in Tokyo


30 Apr 2009
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I am living near Shinyurigaoka station on Odakyu line.
I would like to start an acapella group.
I myself have a choir group, we sing mostly old Japanesr pop songs but I still wants to try some thing new. Current members of my group are not really interested in acapella so like to know if anyone out there has the same passion on acapella as I do.
Age, nationality, sex, and religion don't matter as long as you want to sing.
Maybe as a start, pick few songs like ”Moon River”, ”When You Wish upon Star” and meet up at least few evenings a month for practice somewhere in Shinjuku or Shibuya. And rest of month, we practice each and share recordings online.
By the way, I have no experience to sing acapella so everyone can start from scratch. If anyone got experience, you are very welcomed to join too.
Hope we meet in middle of October at one of Irish bars in Shinuya?

Here are some examples of my favourite acapella on youtube.

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