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Want to see if this works.....

10 Dec 2003
Okay, first of all, I want to see if putting my username in with my password here would allow me to use the site.....If it doesn't, well, 😭

This is Kuro_Tsubasa69. Now, i logged in, and it even said I logged in, (And has my name on the logged-in users list!!), but, It's treating me like a guest!! I am using AoL 9.0 on my mother's comp, as my internet is giving me trouble. Why can't I use the site????? :(

Can anybody help me? (If you need clarification, just ask, I am not sure I was too clear....)
It's doing it again...

Okay, just a quick post again to get me onto the network. (I had to sign off the 'net for a couple seconds.) Sorry. :sorry:
Hmmm....I did try that, but it still said I was logged in. (It's working now, I'm using a different comp.)(I'll try it again, next time, though.)

As for the cookies, It's my mother's computer, and she would kill me if I changed anything. :eek: But, that does make sense. Anyways, when using that comp, I'll just use this thread to post in order to login. :sorry: (Since I can't delete the cookies.)
i really dont think your mom would notice if you deleted the cookies as any she would need would be put back on the next time she visited whatever website...
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