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Want to learn Japanese


12 Apr 2004
I desperately want to learn Japanese. It is such an interesting language that Im really interested in learning. and japanese culture is very interesting. If there is anyone that vcan teach me japanese I would Be So grateful. you can aim me if it is possible. My aim id is dahmanbs.
Hi !

You can ask your question on this forum, so that everybody can try and answer your questions. If you have never learnt Japanese, perhaps you should start learning a few basic words and some grammar with beginner books available on the JREF Shop.
thats why i love school, next year i start japanese, btw: for any new yorkers here, i'm going to stuyvesant
Try doing a search on other topics people have posted.. Easiest I have heard of so far, is go get you some books and learn/memorize how to say, and write all the Hirigana and the Katakana letters, then you will be ready to learn structure/and grammar.
thanks a lot everybody. Ill try the books. I have tried to check if My school has japanese courses but to no avail. maybe ill check again.
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