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Want to hire a electrician for one day


1 Apr 2016
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I am in China now and I am in charge of the product quality assurance in the company I work for.

I got a customer's complaint from Japan. I need a help from a certificated electrician to replace two AC transformers in a product. The AC transformer is very small one built in a wooden case. Input AC 120~240V, output DC 12V.

I will send all needed parts like cords, connector etc. to Japan. All the electrician needs to do is take proper tools, go to my customer's place, and replace the parts.

For work paid, we could negocate by Skype or Email as below:
Skype: nigel.sourzing
Email: [email protected]

I am waiting for the customer's address. I'd like to post this message in advance to see if I am in a correct place.

Thank all of you very much.
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