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25 Mar 2003
Hi. I used to be a Japanese assistant teacher at a public high school in Australia and a university in Canada. I still have lots to learn about my culture. Please help my English to pass an interpreter test and teach me about Japanese culture from your perspective. Can anyone tell me how to be expressive? I grew up in Japan and got used to not showing my emotion much. Thank you
welcome to the board pixiecute. being an interpreter/translator was something ive wanted to do for along time, i hope you meet your goal. as for expressing yourself in japanese, my thoughts are to draw on your english, as it seems to be very good, plus english is a colorful language, and make some japenglish words. ;)

Thank you. I also want to learn how to get rid of my Japanese accent. Some people say that I can never get rid of it but I believe that I can. My dream is if I visit US, I use American accent and if I go to NZ, I speak with NZ accent. At the moment I live in Australia so I should learn Aussie accent. However I studied English in Canada so some words are hard to change. What do you think about people with accent?
yeah you can it takes practice. most movie stars, TV and radio personalites drop their accents. i like accents and i think the way you speak is something that defines you as a person. so be yourself and dont try too hard blend in, besides we'll probally be able to tell anyway :p

on a side note the aussie accent was pretty easy for me to pick up after only a couple weeks there. :)
Hi there pixiecute,

Usually the best way to lose your accent is to listen. First listen to how other people speak. And then repeat the same sentence yourself. Record it if you can and compare the original with your version. Then point out the differences and try again. Repetition makes perfect.

Another tip i can give you is to exaggerate your pronouncation and don't speak too fast.
Hajimemashite yoroshiku onegai shimasu Pixiecute-san :)

It's always nice to see another friendly face here at the site. Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay.

Re: accents, I hapen to know for a fact that you can eventually lose your native accent although it certainly takes time and practice but if you're patient enough you shouldn't have any problems whatsoever. :cool:
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