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Want friends from other country


15 Mar 2002
Hi, my name is walter and I'm a 15 year old male in America. I wanted to know if anyone wanted to be my pen pal(I don't have internet to e-mail you sorry!!) If you are from another country and want to be my friend then here's my address exactly the way it should be written so you won't be confused.

Walter Robles
2921 B street
San Diego, California 92102

I hope that someone responds and sends me a letter.

By the way, if you mail from japan it should take about 6 days to get here if it doesn't delay.

Thanks, Walter.
Dude, What is up, I am 15, I am form San Diego too, I live In Japan because my Dad works for NTT DoCoMo building the 3G FOMA network here, I lived in Lakeside, LOL "Culture of hate" :box: anyway that is weird, why are you doing this by post? hell small world eh?
Hi!!! I'm glad to see that someone replied. sorry if this reply is overdue, keep in mind I don't have the internet. If you want to be my friend then i"ll gladly except. Talk to you later!
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