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Wankle rotary engine....?


11 Jul 2003
Can anyone enlighten me on this please?

What exactly is it?

How does it work?

What are the advantages if any over a standard IC engine?

What cars are made with them at the moment?

Thanks ^_^
Konnichiwa SKiNiToToRo-san!

Please look at this post if you want to know the rotary engine.

I have not rotary engine's car. But my brother had RX-7 before. And my friend who lives in the house next door has a new RX-8 now! It's very nice!👍

Konnichiwa NANGI-san,

Domo for the link, very informative. That's just what I was looking for! Very interesting design, surprised to see the fuel consumption figures but what a lot of power from such a small engine!

L8r dude! ^_^
torque vrs. horsepower


It is not power perse... it is torque.
Rotary engines do not do well in the horsepower area.

but over all they are a better performing engine.
too bad mazda is too stupid to know what to do with it.
Wankel / Rotary engine

Look, the engine does 2 power outputs every cycle of the crank shaft. a normal 4-stroke engine does 1 power output every 4 cycles of the crank shaft, thus the rx7 which is 1.3 litre engine produces the power more like that of a 2.6 litre engine.

The big disadvantage of this engine (dissregarding fuel economy) is that it is very vulnerable and engineers give it a 60 thousand mile life span ONLY. I used to own one and it broke down alot...

take a vulnerable engine and add turbos, what do you expect. rx8 is said to be much better, relyability wise

I hear at the end of 2004 we will se the 4th generation RX7, so the RX8 may not be a replacement
"It's very nice!"
i saw one saturday! wish i had had my camera!
" hear at the end of 2004 we will se the 4th generation RX7, so the RX8 may not be a replacement"
Konnichiwa Westsan-san!
787B has 4 rotors.



Would love to take that for a spin!!
But there was a production car that was made in the 70's called Odessey or Octagon or some crap.
Yea...Rotary motors in rx7's are notorious for blowing.....and terrible gas mileage...but Mazda has addressed those problems with the rx8, but gas mileage is still a little low.
my good buddy is a certified Mazda mechanic and he tells me that the rotary engines are "just replaced" with factory parts
They dont really let/like people getting into the engines.
So because it is expensive people just drive till they blow.
I dont tnink they are in actuality to much trouble.
Mine wasnt.
I used to have a transparent rotary engine.
It ran on electricity; but the mechanism was rather complicated.
I saw some that you guys probably mentioned; never drove one, but nice concept ! Is it really quiet and devoid of all undesired vibration ? 😌
I may stand corrected - but I think that there has always been a problem with oil seals in Wankel engines....particularly the seal at the end of the rotor. This has always seemed to be a particularly 'tough nut to crack'.

Other than that ...... they're great!

(Engine braking, of course...seems to give a little problem to new drivers, too....!)


allow me to tell my opinion!rotary engines is a way of life no matter what!!!
Nangi nice to hear about your rx 7 and your friends rx8!!
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