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Wakan Japanese Learning Tool


19 Apr 2003
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but there is a "FREE" Japanese learning software tool called "Wakan" that has some pretty nice features (Kanji info, dictionary, editor/translator and vocabulary tool). The webpage address is:

WaKan Project Website - About


this program is great! so far i've been using JWPce's built-in dictionary, but this program is simply fantastic! endless wonderful feature's and everything free... i really recommend everyone who's learning japanese to download and try this thing!

thanks for the link, berean!
Yea, I think it's pretty useful. I was doing the same thing as you using JWPce and cutting and pasting text into it to read with the dictionary, but this has the same capability and more. I like the furigana and translator functions. The author also has a forum page where you can request specific additions that would make the program better.

thanks again for pointing this out...

i especially like how the dictionary in this program doesn't show kanji for words where they aren't commonly used... JWPce seems to show kanji wherever possible. for example "doushite"... you'll vitually never see this writen in kanji (unless you read a REALLY old text), but if you look it up in JWPce there will be kanji for "do" and for "u"... very annoying for someone who's learning japanese because you'll end up writing like an old man... ;)

even better is the fact that it recognizes conjugated/inflected verbs and automatically displays the verb in its normal form...
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