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Wadaiko Concert

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Erika Fujii

21 Nov 2017
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I am a professional Japanese drum player. Our team have concert in Fukuoka.

This is the information. Who interested in Japanese music, who loves music, who wants passionable energy, please feel our SOUNDS!!!

Samurai Drum IKKI 15th Anniversary
-ZIPANG ROCK TOUR 2017- in Fukuoka

Taiko, the drum.
It's the oldest musical instrument in the world.

Only Taiko.
Its dynamism, beauty, and delicacy are like Japanese fireworks.
The fine striking of drum sticks has sharpness like that of a sword in Japanese martial arts.

Only Taiko.
Because of that, the Samurai Drum IKKI has a technique that is as breathtaking as
that of Jazz drumming.

Here is our music.
Our beat and energy beyond the words.
Don't think.
Just feel our sounds!!!

【Location】Fukufuku hall Fukuoka Fukuoka-city chuo-ku arato 3-3-39
【Time】Open 17:30 Start 18:00
【Ticket】Advance 2500yen At door 3000yen (Age0-12, 1500yen)
【Artist】Ikki Hino, Shiho Akane, Fujii Erika, Sugimura Yuki


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