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wacol has it all figured out


15 Apr 2002
I was watching one of my favorite late night shows.
Wonderful ... a show that sports flashy girls and interesting stories.
The show has a web site too.

Anyway, they did a report on the perfect proportion.

The women's underwear maker Wacol has researched 30,000 women and came up with a unique way to solve this age old debate.

Their solution is based on ratios. I missed the side view but got the goodies just in time. (I tuned in too late for the full story).

shoulders = 1.6
nipples (ahem sorry) = 0.8
waist = 1.0
hips = 1.4

the side view = ????

total view
head = 7.5
torso = 1.0
legs = 1.0

The show went out of their way to find a young lady that fits the proportions.
I missed the name in my rush trying to grab a pen and paper (hehe)

Anyway, I wasn't too surprised to say the least.
The young lady's measured proportions were 32 - 20 - 28 with a E cup.
Size and height I didn't catch. lolo

The reason I wasn't surprised is that I've always liked hips and shoulders being at least the same or with shoulders a bit wider. Though, with age, I must admit numbers being the same have become more appealing. Nature at work? Finding suitable birthing partner I bet!

Anyway, this is what happens when you stay up late and watch TV shows that your wife normally doesn't allow you to watch but she allows herself too

Don't ask, since I don't know. She won't exactly tell me.
Wow, aren't they a bit obsessed with anatomical details? Have to ask Nahoko.

Flashy girls, I get the picture... 😄
More on female anatomy and the "perfect body":

Plastic surgeon gives the skinny on female fatties


Do they still use the term "bodycon" in Japan? Must be from the 80s.
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