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That's what IM, ICQ, etc. is for... If you don't have anything constructive to add to any of the current threads or topics then might I suggest you try a chat room somewhere.
Hey TC---Bored Huh ??

Don't tell me you don't belong to any chat rooms on other forums !! Have you thought about pen pals ?? I like reading your posts and your spirit. Do you go back to school tomorrow ??

The Real Old Guy,


no other chat room and stuff were this nice to me and were to ruff on rules, and i dont have school tomarow wont untill wednesday -.- nothing to do till then;)
WoW, 3 more days of total boredom !!

I know how you feel, I've been out of work for 10 weeks and am so bored !!!!! I hope now that the holidays are over something will come up.
I got a couple pen pals at Penpal Depot but I only get 1 E-Mail a week from them; not a lot of action !!
What state do you live in ?? I'm up here in Maine !!

Haven't been there yet !!

Been to Nevada and loved the desert.All the shows on TV make Texas look interesting. I would like to go to the Alamo some day.
Do you ever go hunting or shooting ??

no i dont go shooting or hunting :D the almo was pretty coolit had gardens in the back and there still were bulit holes and stuff but they repainted it and made it look very nice you will like it ;)
With my luck...

I would go for a walk and get bit by a rattlsnake. Does anyone you know go hunting for gold?? I have a couple fancy metal detectors. I think it would be fun to go to goast towns looking for old stuff, but probably everything has been found already !

what your talking about is down there by el paso i dont live in the deserty place i live in east texas were mostly cities are ;)
I've seen too many westerns !!!

I forget how big Texas is. When I think of big cities, I think of New York or Boston. I forget that Texas isn't all desert and tumble weeds. Have you had a chanch to go to any other states to visit ??

ya but i cant remeber all of the i gone to arkasa, louiseana, tenesse, um i cant remeber any others but i have been to more ( i dint spell any of that right -.-*) ;)
I Can't spell either !!

I keep a dictionary next to my PC or I ask my wife to spell things for me. Well, I gotta go to bed. Gotta get up and shovel snow in the morning for my wife to go to work. Here in Portland, Maine we have had over 2 feet of snow the past month and a lot of winter still left. We get snow until March or April usually.
Thank you for talking with me, it made the evening go faster for me!


Bored? What, no monkeys to be spanked? No weasels to be pulled? No dolphins to be flogged? No lizards to be stroked? No chickens to be choked? No games of Tug-of-War with Cyclops to be played? No pocket pool? :D
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