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USF staff

6 May 2016
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UNITED SPORTS FOUNDATION is recruiting volunteers for a one night two days sports camp where children have the opportunity to discover their own abilities and interests through sports taught by top level professional athletes and instructors.

Please complete and submit the online application form here


【About the Camp】
The UNITED SPORTS FOUNDATION 「USF Sports Camp」 aims to provide children with opportunities to engage in sports both familiar and unfamiliar under the direct instruction of top level professional athletes and instructors. Through participation in a variety of sports and activities, the camp aims to encourage children’s physical and mental development and raise children’s interest in sports. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with group leaders from foreign countries to discover the world of sports beyond the borders of Japan. We intend to develop children's social skills through these activities and the experience of sharing accommodations for two nights and three days with other participants they will meet for the first time at the camp.

①May 28 (Sat.)08:00 ~ May 29(Sun.) 17:00(scheduled)
②June 18(Sat.)08:00 ~ June 19(Sun.) 17:00(scheduled)

Chiba Prefectural Togane youth home (Chiba-ken,Tougane-shi,Mashunogou 270)

【Volunteer Roles】
1.Japanese Group Leaders (8); Foreign Group Leaders (4) needed.
Group Leaders play the role closest to the children participating in the camp.
They will support progression of camp activities by guiding children assigned to their group between sports, explaining the purpose and rules of activities, and generally creating a fun, enjoyable environment for all participants during the two day camp.

・Anyone who enjoys: spending time with children, playing sports, making new friends from all over theworld, interested in managing events
 ・Over 18 years old
 ・Must be fully available for the two day camp
 ・Cost: All transportation, meals, and lodging, etc. throughout the camp are covered. In principle, transportation to and from the camp site will be reimbursed (up to 5,000JPY)

All applications must be submitted by 17:00 , May 20th (Fri)
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