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Volcano High

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8 Dec 2003

I have been wanting to find out what everyone will think about this new T.V SHOW about thes students who gain powers?
I didn't know there was a t.v. program of Volcano High. I have the film on special edition (with the special effects featurette).. and i thought it was pretty good. Very much like a comic book !! ;)

-goes off to look up t.v. program-

Yeah i recently saw a commercial on Volcano High i thought it looked pretty good,i Saw it a couple of days ago i was waiting to see if anyone would make a thread i guess noone would so i went and made one.

I was wondering is it a long movie or is this a new release on this title?
I wouldn't say its a long film...pretty much normal length i guess. I couldn't really gauge it very well cus i was waiting for my DVD Region-free to authenticate so i could only watch it in 15minute sections. :D

Im pretty sure its 90-ish minutes long though.

Still aint watched the second disc...hmm... something to do today as im starting my christmas holiday at lunchtime. 😄

I guess i Deserve a slap,I understand i have made a mistake master,I will not allow it to happen again.*gets on knees*
Plz allow me to be a honorable member of Jref,and i will not Degrace your familys name again~!~ 🙂
When I went over to my friends house on christmas, he was watching Volcano High, It's weird because it shows like you know asian people and all these rappers were the voices -.- still good, but i'm not sure what the guy was drinking from that black thing...
lol I think they got the wrong people to do the Dubbing. The movie was okay I guess. That one girl in the Kendo club (the one who wears red) has interesting hair. But I wouldn't buy the film. Was this Korean or Japanese. The main guy (the one with the power and the blonde hair) looked kinda Korean to me. But the only thing I liked about the movie was how he would control the rain (that slow-motion thing where almost everything stops... like the rain drops). If i was to rate this film out of 10 being the highest. I would give it a 6. Hey at least in Anime they actually make an effort to get matching voices for the characters when it comes to Dubbing.
It was originally released in 2001 from director Kim Tae-Hun. The cast are all Korean.
I've got the original... i shudder too think what they've done with the dubbing.. .-urgh-... yeah! the water slow downs and stuff are cool! :)

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