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Volcano High (Wasango) coming to MTV this month...

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26 Feb 2003
Wasn't really sure where to post this but since it isn't a Japanese film (Korean to be exact) and the subject matter seems like it would appeal to most anime/manga fans, here you go...

According to kungfucinema.com, Volcano High was originally released in 2001 from director Kim Tae-Hun and is about a futuristic high school full of martial artists and the trouble that ensues when the students get wind of a secret manuscript said to bestow superhuman fighting powers.

It has been described as "Harry Potter if it had been directed by the Wachowski brothers (of Matrix fame) mixed with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Sound interesting? It looks good too. You can catch the promos airing now on MTV and I have to admit that the special effects don't look half as cheesy as one might think. 8-p

MTV is set to dub the film in English (set to a hip-hop soundtrack no less) and the premiere is Dec. 21st at 9:00PM ET. Want to know the full skinny? Check out the following link:

It is pretty good! the computer effects are really nice! especially when the korean letters are flying around rooms and stuff.

I bought the special edition of this film on saturday. I like it! ..its the film adaption of a popular manga in korea i believe. And its filmed very very much like a live-action manga comic so there are lots of fire balls..shouting, running up walls etc. ;)

Take it as its supposed to be, a live action manga comic and you'll like it lots! 👍

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