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Visual shock or Visual not?

Malice Mices

11 Jul 2003
heehee Hello everyone! It is I, your friendly neighborhood pink toaster oven! :sing: Anyway, I was just curious, to japanese or gaijin, which kind of japanese music do you prefer, Visual shock, or more Bland, normal music and looks? Me...well I think you ALL know the answer to that one, VIVA LA hIDE!!!!! :D
Well, Visual Shock is not really a musical genre. It's more of a sub-culture. The visual image has nothing to do with the music a certain band makes.

Problem with the Visual scene is that there are a lot of copycats out there. In the 90's you had Luna Sea as a major band and when you looked into the indies scene at that time you had a lot of Visual bands that tried to sound like Luna Sea.

Currently, Dir en Grey is hot property. If you take a look into the indies scene now, you find many bands trying to sound like them.

It's this copying that sticks a musical label onto the Visual sub-culture, since allmost every band in that scene sounds the same.

Only a few bands that take on a Visual look, make original music. Once they have succes they usually drop the Visual look, because their fans like them for their music. Not for their looks.
And that's the way it should be.
Hai, I agree but I personally think (and no one has to agree its only an opinon) that the visuals sometimes enhance the music, I'm not saying that it does much, but for me it helps display the music in an tangible form.

What i mean by this is, I REALLY love plays and performnaces, like brodway shows and musicals, for me that's perfect, it mixes the musical element with somthing more, a visual art.

Any band that can do that REALLY make the experience of litening to thier music better for me, like take hide for example. Lots of people loved him, his voice and music was original and he didn't drop the visual shock along the way. THATS what I love about his music, its not only good, but his visuals let me associate colors with the songs. To me that's important (I'm a crazy artist, what do you expect)

Malice mizer is another good example with thier fantacy like settings and play-like concerts. Is visual, its shocking an it enhances the experience of thier music. And I personally don't like DeG all that much, they've got the look, but thier music just doens't appea to me, further reinforceing the "good music" point

Oh and I was only asking if people prefered visual bands or regular bands, I consiter it a genre somewhat like "pop" or "punk" punk is both a sub culture and a music genre so, I think it works out...maybe :p
It doesnt bother me whether the band is visual or not.
As long as their music is good, then that's all that matters.
Although it is more entertaining to watch a visual band.
hmm... as much as I love watching Malice Mizer concerts

I actually prefer to just listen to MM, and not watch.. odd..

this is not the case for there Illuminati live video though :D
that's a whole different story
haahaa amen to that xD for me (as an uber artist) visualizing things just makes it more enjoyible. that's another point. I need pretty cd covers! lol, think about it. Careless people could just as well have the music for free, the CD makers need to come up woth some sort of gimmik to sell thier cds now (which is very wrong, but with the mp3 crisis, some sort of cd gimic is a must, or at least some better protection for the cds)

I guess lots of photos of the band members and lots of artsy stuff wins people over for buying the actual CDs (not me, I just want to buy the cds to let the artist know I care :) ) But for some people its the only reason for getting the CD you know?

*huggles all her J-Cds*
I've only seen the PV of "Illuminati", is the live version full of naked women and bondage as well

(ツャ.ツャ; ) heheeeeeheeee !!
ewe...that's the one thing i don;t like about visual kei...they guys are all scanitly clad but never get nekkid, but they have nekkid women all over them, which is great for them, but not so great for us hormonal fan girls. oh well, such is life :(
Visuals are very great, but they're not necessary. Lately a lot of the music I've been listening to has the visual appearance, which is great. And not all have the same type of music. (I myself, don't like Dir en grey much at all, because Kyo's voice bothers me.) I like listening to many different kinds, usually all having different appearances.

Anyways, with the Illuminati PV. *dies* Everything Malice Mizer is wonderful... especially everything Kozi. *is such a Kozi fangirl it's not even funny*
Oooooh... I adore Visual bands, and their counterparts in all cultures. It's the art of artifice I appreciate; it's like disposable beauty: adore it for a moment and then adore something else.

Of course, there are some Visual bands with real staying power and sway over their fans, like Malice Mizer, one of my favorite bands of all time, to look at as well as to listen to. I think Mana-sama really has the golden touch.

And the Illuminati PV.... drool...... Yes, I am an unabashed Gackt/Mana fangirl. I cry it proudly!
I dislike Visual Rock

it seems to me that nowadays many Visual Rock bands concentrates on their 'look' rather than their 'music',
some of the bands aren't even qualified to be called a 'Rock band' because they are playing Pop.
X and Seikima II are the only Visual bands that I listen to,because they play heavy metal and they are good.

there are bunch of world level skilled non-Visual bands in Japan,such as Concerto Moon,Saber Tiger,Double Dealer,Kelly Simonz,Loudness,Blindman,Precious,Mastermind...etc
these bands plays real skillful music,they are great
um, saber tiger used to be visual though, back then lil hide was a part of it. I do agree that many bands do concentriat on looks rather than music, that's American influence for you *sighs*
Originally posted by Malice Mices
um, saber tiger used to be visual though, back then lil hide was a part of it. I do agree that many bands do concentriat on looks rather than music, that's American influence for you *sighs*

no I am not talking about Hide's Saber Tiger
I am talking about the other Saber Tiger,it is a legendary heavy metal band in Japan.
man...they need to be more friggin createve with names! of the confusion xD well anyway...maah like visual xD
I'm not convinced that it was a different Saber Tiger.
I mean, it was back in the early 80's when hide was part of it. After he left, they might have continued to become that same legendary Saber Tiger that Dream Time is talking about.

I'll have to do some research on this. :)
Well, that didn't take long. The Saber Tiger hide was part of, disbanded in 1987...

The other Saber Tiger is still going strong.
I heard Saber Tiger, which hide was part of , reformed without hide a while ago.
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