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Visual kei make-up

johnathon j

23 Jul 2003
Periodically there are interesting discussions here about visual kei; some very knowledgeable people out there. So, my question is... Any opinions, ideas, references, things read or heard, about the origins of
the make-up styles of any particular Japanese bands/artists? (Including influences of Japanese VK on foreign bands and vice versa, and/or cross-genre influences between anime, manga, VK, the make-up of traditional Japanese Arts, etc).
Visual kei's sound is only slightly different than regular J-Rock, but the styles in VisKei are really exaggerated and colorful. They put their look at the same level of their music. A good example would be Malice Mizer, they rock.;)
Hmm...I get certain visions of Marilyn Manson mixed with Kabuki/Noh style....

Do you have any pics of this? Your Avatar perhaps? What about Visual Kei-is it a group? Or the style in general?
This isn't a very good example, but it's all I could find in my files right now :D

I guess you caould say it is punk-ish, but that is just one style. I find there are different styles.
Visual kei has obvious references and homages to traditional Japanese theatre. Just look at vintage Die.

Lots of Visual kei is done also in theatrics, thereby backing up the assumption that it is theatre influenced.

Sonically though, well...its not theatre.
I guess you can say that, it makes sense. whats it called noh theatre? is that what its called? or is it kabuki ( <---- is that spelt right?)
they did start the trend, i wish they were still together and hide wasn't dead, imagine the things they could do........but i guess all good things must come to a end before they are run into the ground and ruined-_-

Dir en grey show the future of visual k. The beginnin was Malice Mizer, Hide; now Pierrot an DeG.


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DeG isn't that visual anymore their look has clamed down alot it seems *tear* True Malice Mizer was in the past, but Mana's current band is pretty cool too.
Originally posted by Suzu
DeG isn't that visual anymore. Their look has calmed down a lot. It seems *tear* True, Malice Mizer was in the past, but Mana's current band is pretty cool too.

Oh! And don't forget Eve Of Destiny, Kozi's new band. They are cool, and they're touring in Europe. And that means that I can go to one of their concerts, and I'm going to. 👏 I'm so excited!!!

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Go to one of their concerts ^_^ They're great, if you like german-ish gothic music. Haruhiko sings in german. Just don't go expecting Malice Mizer =P
And their visuals are cool.
HIDE was who create Visual Kei; before go to X japan, he had a strange style with his band Saver Tiger ^^
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