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Visa question


4 Mar 2003
Basically to cut a long story short.
I've been here 7 years, my visa tuns out in a month and my current co can't sponsor me, I don't want to go back to teaching for a month just to get a visa on the sly.

Any other ideas?
Are there any companies that can slide you onto the books for a short fee or something like that.

Cheers in advance
Have you try to get a permanent visa ? After 7 years in Japan, that should be alright. Normally it's 5 years if you are married to a Japanese and up to 10 years otherwise, but you should ask. Every case in different. If you still have a job and can prove a good financial condition, I expect they won't be too harsh. I hope you can speak a bit of Japanese too (what are they going to think if you haven't tried to learn anything in 7 years !). That's good for the image.

If that doesn't work, there is also the cultural visa (take a course in judo or ikebana), but you won't be allowed to work full-time.
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