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visa confuzzles


31 Jan 2008
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yO ~ *!*

has anyone stayed in Japan with a "work visa".... while not actually working?

i'm an american with a 1-year visa currently living & teaching in Japan. My company will sponsor me for a 1-year Visa extension, but I will only be working for them for 2 weeks out of this new "1-year Visa". my company is aware of this, and will sponsor my Visa anyhow. After my contract finishes, am I legally safe to stay in Japan for the remaining 50 weeks of the year? I plan to study Japanese Language, and also seek out a new job...... perhaps not a full-time job.... i want to move to the 窶敖ェツ重ナスR area of Okinawa ! ...... there aren't many language schools there..... if at all !

i'm also curious about getting a student or "cultural" visa.... but if i'll be safe with the "specialist in humanities 1 year work visa" , then -- why bother ?

窶堙遺?堙ア窶堋ュ窶堙ゥ窶堙遺?堋「窶堋ウツーツーツーツ 窶伉ス窶「ツェツ。:hanabi:
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