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Videos of teaching English in Japan


5 Aug 2003
Do any of the companies that hire native English speakers to teach in Japan have videos of what a standard class is like? Or has anyone here who teaches in Japan made a video?

I just want to see what a class is like. I think it would be great for anyone considering doing that for a year or even longer, such a major decision to make without even knowing what you're getting in to.
Bear in mind that it won't necessarily be an accurate portrayal of an actual lesson. One of my friends who teaches at an English school said that before he started work he was shown a video of a 'typical' lessons. Then when he arrived in Japan, the perfectly behaved kids in the video turned out to be little monsters in real-life. The whole thing was carefully staged to make the job look good.

I guess videos of adult lessons would probably be more true-to-life though, since they're less likely to run around the room throwing balls at the teacher!!!

Oh yeah let me tell you! You make tons of money, you get your studio/apartment paid for, you have really cool students! You get to watch anime on thursdays AND the food in the cafeteria is the best in the world! Go and teach english in Japan!!!! It's great!.



Here are two great basic lessons you can teach to Japanese people and they will make complete sense.


lol salary those were great...

nice way to learn the past/present tense's in the second one
Anyone can do it (informally anyway}

I had to go to summer school for my poor English to get through high school. My spelling and grammer were terrible!
Yet when I went to Japan I had a great time teaching english in my spare off-duty time. I met great japanese friends and gave them all a Maine down-east accent with their English. I did refuse money, doing it just for fun and to avoid a guilty consience. (still can't spell ! )

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