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Videogame for Morning Musume


That man in the corner
15 Mar 2002
Morning Musume will star in their own videogame, which is currently in development by Digital Venus for the Playstation 2.
With this game you can create your own Morning Musume music-video and it will feature all their hits, among which are "Love Machine", "Happy Summer Wedding" and "I wish".

The game will probably only be released in Japan, so you will need a Japanese PS2 to be able to play this game.
Dang! haha I so wanna play that. Has it been released yet? Sadly though, it sounds just like that SAD SAD SAD Spiceworld video game released by the Spice Girls some years back.
Yeah, it's it was released last years so it's probably sold out already. Every piece of MM Merchandise sells out pretty fast.
You could always check some Digital Venus websites to find it. But it would be rare to find it now.
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