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24 Feb 2003
im watching the VGA on spike tv, and i have to say that was the most disappointing awards show ive ever seen. i dunno who they get to pick the winners out of a hat. WWE as the best fighting game!? come on people! they dont even show what nominees there are but i suppose its better that way, id be more pissed off if they actually had a game i liked that lost to something crappy and then theres that annoying plinko sound right before they announce a winner...
some bits are funny but overall its a big steaming pile

oh and DMX is the worst lip-syncer ive ever seen.
Award shows are always crap, with any MTV-awards show on top of the list. They're only brought into life for commercial reasons. Everything is staged.
true but for some reason i was expecting something more like x-play...
oh well at least there was a most exteme elimination challenge (takeshi's castle) marathon before the awards show.
There are actually any good tv-shows about videogames in the US?

Overhere in Holland there are a few (well, this could be actually one that's changing name and hopping channels all the time, as these shows are not popular enough to last long) sponsored shows, which are crap. And there's Gamekings which is relatively good (at least they seem to be objective), but the hosts aren't too bright.
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