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Very short text about my day

David Hallgren

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2 Mar 2004
Hi everyone, a few weeks has passed since my last text but unfortunately school has been taking most of my spare time so I can't spend as much time studying Japanese as I would like to. But it's time for another short text of mine. This is even shorter than the last one but I wrote this only to practice my newly acquired skill of writing in past tense. Please give some feedback so I now what to change in order to improve.

Edit: Since this forum seems to be eating some of my kanji I put the text on my website, here.
Probably no need to say "昨日は." I think just "昨日" is okay unless you are contrasting yesterday to other days.

Also, I'm not sure if テレビゲーム can be with 遊ぶ. Otherwise seems okay, but what is "休みなんです?" Vacation(break) ...?
huh, I've never heard of "nan desu" for giving a reason. That's interesting.

I'm sorry, I don't know what that means, to say "kosher."

*I'm not the brightest bulb*
Suru is probably about 50 x as common for electronic/computer or board games, asobi is more for toys or just playing around instead of working in general.
David Hallgren said:
Since this forum seems to be eating some of my kanji...

You can avoid that problem by selecting the "Western European ISO" encoding on your browser before you post.
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