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Very Old Song


6 Nov 2003
I need help looking for this very old song lyric, i think it came out during 2001. It's called Because I am a girl by Kiss. It had also been a movie's soundtrack, if anyone know about this song plz tell me.
lol its not that kiss. its another jpop group called kiss. and thxs for the website =D
I see where people might be confused... I just did some quick Yahoo! searching and found out the following:

* This song is done by a Korean pop band... not J-Pop and NOT the American face-painting rock group.

* I can't find any mention about it being featured in a movie.... some people seem to refer to the music video for the song itself as a "movie", so maybe that's where the confusion lies.

If you're looking for lyrics, just do a search with Yahoo! using the following criteria:

+kiss +"because i am a girl"

It'll turn up a bunch of sites with lyrics for the song in many different languages... hope this helps!

I remembered it was in a movie but i forgot what it is called..and sorry about jpop or kpop, they all sounds the same. =P
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