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very lively, aint it?

if you want to chat so badly why dont you just go to a chat room instead of posting a useless topic about it
Ghost: Let me just let you know that I think you rock. Especially after that comeback to Seppuku.
@ Luc, then your very welcome here🙂 (joke, joke)
@chat room!! Maybe that's not such a bad idea!! I would love to chat with members of the forum in a chat room!!!!
@Ghost, I"d really enjoy chatting to you "BECAUSE YOU SCARE ME!! HAHAHA"
there are a few mems here I'd love to chat too, but the forum as it stands is not the place, maybe the new proposals will allow such a chat??? lolol🙂 👏

Better than a chat room !! Let's tie in the new server with an on line phone system !! WOW, phone your Forum friends and yak direct to them for just pennys. Phone users can give a card number to charge to, or buy minute phone cards. Have it set for person to person and also conferance calls for groups to yak. Some of us would probably never sleep or get anything done !!


That would be kosher to talk to people like that Frank. But it seems too complicated for everyone to put effort in.

Plus phone cards really add up.
Yah!! Winters right, we can only leave it in the hand of the admins Thomas, Maciamo, let's see what they think of our chat room idea!!!
awaiting a response, Debs🙂 😊

I've decided no more negative thoughts about the changes coming to the Forum. Think big, think positive, live in LA-LA LAND !!! Let's work a merger-Road Runner-Microsoft-Verizon-Satelite TV !!GO GO GO !!!
(Oh-Oh, Frank's gone off the deep end; get the stright-jacket)

Frank's Keeper signing off for Frank !!

Hay frank and winter, we could all be attending the same doc, my doc allows playtime on the net!!! His home page is the J-ref!!! Does that sound familiar???? Thomas and maciamo are our Sunday's trifles here!!! whats your Sunday's trifles called??? lolol (kidding of course,) trying to stay sweet with the admins!!! :D 👏
Hay... I just realised this is the kind of member interaction that would be a total shame it was ended!!!!🙂 :eek:
I realise that the J-ref and Maciamo page are significant to you both!!! I must point out that the members here are important too!! I"m positive that's a point that has never been over-looked in any aspect of conversation of deliverance!!! I want our forum too to have the same members/friends/diversions/tangents etc.; as we have all grown accustomed to love/hate /tolerate!!!!, J-ref!!!!!🙂
I love maciamo too!!! 😍

Will sign it over to Machimo as bribe. All men in power take money from special interest groups(mine represents Crazies) !!



making me imcomprehensible !! I'll try to return to Earth & reality !!


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