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its seems everybosy has somebody to hate...

off topic... is that cao cao in your av?
Hmm... i'm not so sure I agree with the "Asians harbor remarkably intense antipathy for their neighbors" theme the author presents. While the point is made, one must carefully consider the language that is used to convey such a point. Consider the following descriptives all taken from the aforementioned article:

"...consider Koreans a lower species of humanity"
"...have a volcanic hatred for Japanese"
"...look down on modern Chinese as backwards and inept"
"...Chinese despise Vietnamese"
"...hate darker-skinned Cambodians"
"...hate Burmese"
"...just about all other Asians -hate Indians"
"...less intelligent than themselves"
"...stereotype blacks as unintelligent, oversexed, and given to crime"
"...acting beastly"
"...wallow in tribal humiliation"
"...a beaten, guilt-plagued nation"
"...branded warmongering fascists"

As you can clearly see, hardly language I would term as objective in terms of reporting... Yes, unfortunately racism and past prejudices are still alive and well today but it is by no means any worse or less than anywhere else (although the author would have you believe it is worse in Asia). While I agree with many of the points raised, I also think from a critical thinking perspective that such an argument could be made without using sensationalized language to invoke the reader's response. Can you honestly say such an editorial contains no hint of personal bias? What empirical evidence does the author present to support, reinforce, or generally confirm such statements (I saw absolutely none)? At any rate, I think one must be careful when making such broad generalizing blanket statements applicable to entire populations (as i've said time and again).
Racism Rampant In Asia-vs-Asia ?

I just feel he overstates how bad these feelings are. I am sure their are many people who have these feelings, but the article puts forth THAT EVERYONE HAS THESE FEELINGS.

Of course their are stereotypes and such. But haven't things improved.
oh ok, thats dynasty warriors 4 (shin sangoku 4) right?, i like da qiao. though the book generally leaves her and every other girl out of it except diao chan :p but still very good i just started reading for the 2nd time. though i wish i could read chinese because im sure it loses alot in translation.
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