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12 Sep 2016
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<<Start speaking japanese in 30 days>>

Hello everyone, who loves Japan and the Japanese language. There is a new project called “Bliu Bliu 30 days japanese challenge” which starts this September. We are introducing a completely different, yet very effective language learning method: learn naturally - learn while having fun. Like a child mastering a native tongue without studying. So no more grammar, No more Kanji!

<What is Bliu Bliu 30 days Japanese challenge?>

30 days Japanese challenge is an intensive course for those who seek to improve speaking and reading, expand vocabulary, learn phrases and idioms that are actually used in a real life conversations, and fully dive into language learning.

Challenge includes:

+Weekly live conversations to practice speaking with a very enthusiastic and creative teacher Yuya Niijima (we call our teachers hosts)

+Daily tasks, studying materials, random videos and other contents created by the host.

+Daily dose of motivation and information about top language learning methods based on recent studies.

+Unlimited access to not facilitated or shortened texts from the Internet and media in Japanese that will match your level and interests.

<How does it work?>

You will not be forced to study any grammar or Kanjis. You will learn like a child as engaging in real life situations and conversations, and understanding more and more every day. Children are not studying any grammar but can speak perfectly.

<Who can enroll to this course?>

Everybody who has at least basic knowledge of Japanese*. After registration, the Bliu Bliu platform gives you a test and estimates how many words you actually know, and assigns you to particular level.

*Basic knowledge includes hiragana, at least 100 words and understanding a simple sentence structure.


Starting from 26th of September.

Don’t miss out this opportunity!

~you can find more information and host introduction videos in the link bellow~

Japanese in 30 Days! Join the Challenge!
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