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Very Bad Hostel In Osaka


Gavin Gives Italian Ducks
19 Jul 2004
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Thought I would drop this story in here. Lifted from a teachers' forum I frequent - but it's probably of more use to the assorted undergraduates and high-school age members likely to patronize the very cheapest lodgings.

Terrible Hostel in Osaka

Hey everyone,

Over winter break I stayed at the WORST hostel. The OSAKA DOWNTOWN HOSTEL was terrible, seriously don't stay there. My friend and I booked for 4 nights and barely stayed 2.

We found it online at hostelworld.com, and its ratings looked pretty good so we booked it. I don’t know who did the ratings, but let me tell you about this place.

1. It is so overcrowded! Our room was tiny and 6 people in it. We couldn’t all sit on the floor at the same time, that’s how small it was.

2. The beds were handmade by the guy Oliver who owns the place. They are just planks of wood that are nailed together. The bunks are 3 people high, unstable, uncomfortable, have nails sticking out and are really hard to get in and out of. You can feel the whole bed shake if one person moves. I was really afraid that they would collapse. This guy doesn’t care about his guests, he just wants to pack as many people in a room as possible so he can make more money.

3. There are security cameras everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean there must be about 6 at least. There are ones near the bathroom and in the common room. Everywhere you look there is a camera staring you in the face. Oliver sits at the front desk watching the cameras all day. It’s really uncomfortable and makes you unable to even relax.

4. Oliver the owner, is a complete ***! He is disrespectful to his guests, is condescending, tries to rip his guests off and start arguments.

5. The place is filthy! The showers are dirty. There is no place to even put clean clothes down. The "guest kitchen" is covered in food and dirt. The sheets are not changed when a guest leaves. Who knows how often or if they ever are.

6. The location is NOT in Namba as it says on the website. It is in Imamiya which is by far the sketchiest place I have ever been in Japan. The streets are dark, there are no businesses, there are sketchy people lurking around and you hear police sirens all night. I couldn’t even believe that this was part of Japan.

7. The website says: breakfast included; there is no breakfast and if there was, i would not eat anything cooked in that kitchen. Child friendly; this place is not suitable for adults, children should not be brought there. Security lockers; it has none Towels; no towels.

The list of how terrible this place is goes on and on. I was so angry about the hostel and the owner. Please do not give this man your money. He is a thief and a horrible businessman.

Thanks for listening. Please consider this when you travel to Osaka.


Eight Times To Japan
18 Oct 2004
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Maybe it should be called "Osaka Downtown Hostile."

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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Maybe he's in violation of some laws and needs to be reported instead of merely bitched about.


30 Jan 2007
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My friends and I love Japan so much we visited Osaka last November. But our vacation was utterly damaged by Oilver. He is a BASTARD and should have never been born on this earth!

Our 5 nights in his hostel was accompanied by his unwritten rules, regimentation, his yelling and very offensive language. I am still puzzled how a service operator can behave in such unruly manner.

Worst of all, when my friend wrote him a complaint through email upon our return. His reply was the most shocking one can ever read. He defamed one of our female friends, describing her as a *****. We have since written countless letters to appropriate agencies to help us justify our damages.

On another note, my friends have learnt not to trust reviews put up by hostel reservation website They seems to filter off all negative comments so that their websites look positive. I pleaded to our reservation website to allow reviews to be posted but they chose to give us much disappointment. Perhaps profits are more important than the concerns of the customers. Only websites that are neutral to the reviews are truthful.

PS: We booked through hostelbookers.com


Hakuba, Nagano-ken
11 Feb 2007
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Osaka Downtown Hostile

We also stayed here for one night. we were staying at Hotel Raizan but couldnt book the saturday night so we had to stay elsewhere for a night.

Oliver charged us a booking fee on our VISA but then when we arrived we had to pay in cash because he couldnt put it through on VISA. if he couldnt how did he charge our booking fee to our VISA? dodgy business man not putting everything through the books?!?!?!?!

Like others have said we were crammed into a tiny room with 2 homemade bunks, 3 high. you couldnt even sit up in your bed without bumping your head. the sheet was tiny and looked like a piece of material bought from a fabric shop with torn edges, no hem. the place was dirty and he said it just hadnt been cleaned yet but it looked like more than a weeks build up.

it was also expensive compared to other places in Osaka that offer better conditions and was also in the middle of nowhere, 15mins walk from a train/subway station.

Hotel Chuo looked nice but we stayed in Hotel Raizan for 2 1/2weeks and it was great value for money, recommend it hands down.


No Longer Active
24 Dec 2006
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The experience of living in crowded conditions while I was in the military made me unwilling to try any sort of hostel or other lodging where I would have to share a room. Fortunately for me, I was always able to afford a private room while staying away from base overseas. I sympathize with those who are traveling on a budget and encounter situations such as the hostel described in this thread. Some of my experiences with military lodgings were not so good.
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