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Vehicle Export Process????


7 Aug 2003
Kind Sirs,I am from Pakistan.I want to export a Vespa Scooter to USA but local Cargo services refuse to ship saying Authority Letter from the Vespa(piaggio)company is requred to ship a bike/Vehicle to some other country.
Please,guide me through the process.

Thank u so much in advance and Good Luck!!
Hmm... I don't really know too much about the export end of the process, but I can tell you about the import end if that might offer you a little insight.

To be honest with you... you'll probably end up paying the cost of the Scooter (or close to it) in order to have it exported. When I brought my car over it was a nightmare at the time getting all the proper paperwork in order (on both sides). Recently revised export laws have made the process a bit easier (on both your mental well-being and your wallet, heh). You're still talking cargo passage, transport container fees, compliance and or modification fees to bring into compliance, customs regulations, port authority regulatory fees, etc. etc.

Before purchasing any vehicle (i'm sure this applies to Scooters as well), you should check out the requirements of importing a vehicle to your country. You may also want to dig around and see what import registration agents or professionals are available who will be able to make all the necessary vehicle conversions or else plan on having an extended wait while the vehicle clears.

On a final note, to the best of my knowledge importing a vehicle voids the warranty so you may want to look for a third party warranty company if possible (highly reccomended). That's the usual route for cars anyways, it may or may not be easier with what you have in mind with the Scooter, can't say for sure. Hope that helps.
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