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VAM-Matsuri - J-Culture Festival in Potsdam, Germany


24 Nov 2003
just a small announcement:

in fall 2004, the "vam-matsuri" will take place in potsdam, germany. it's a j-culture festival focussing on j-music, but of course also other topics.
the occasion for this festival is the 5th birthday of "manganimedo".^^

interested? please have a look at our homepage :: manganimedo project :: ~8th year of J-Culture Events, Photos & Reports just 4 YOU~ ! there you'll also find the flyer for the festival.
in our forum you can contact us, ask questions and get the latest information about the festival.

unfortunately, we don't have a date fixed yet, but it is most probably going to take place on either the last september weekend or the first one in october.

we hope you're interested and would be very happy to see you in our forum.^_^

have fun,
destiny (a.k.a. shinya, co-admin of the manganimedo-forum and member of the organisation team)
Wow, ich bin total gespannt, will be a lot of fun! Da kann ich nicht in Japan sein und Japan kommt fast zu mir! Danke, danke!
I'll be there if I'm not half dying til then ;)
VAM-MATSURI --> Date fixed, Registration open !!

so finally the date is fixed ... (okay, since more than a month already) and registration for visitors is open ^__^//


Organiser: "manganimedo ~ the j-culture project"
Titel: "VAM-MATSURI :: japan inside"
Date: 02.10.-03.10.2004
City: Potsdam
Country: Germany
Locations: BBAG e.V., Kulturhaus Babelsberg, Thalia Arthouse Kino Potsdam
Size of Event: 300 - 400 participant
participation fee: only 15 EURO (during advance booking)

HighLights / Events:
Festival with an emphasis on Japanese pop- and youthculture. The "VAM-MATSURI :: japan inside" is the 2nd film-fest of "manganimedo ~ the j-culture project", it takes place as the 5th anniversary celebration of manganimedo. The guests can look forward to a mixture of convention, filmfestival and j-culture event all togehter. Main features that are covered are J-Music, J-Rock and Visual-kei, but as well J-Doramas, some classics and current movies from Japan will be shown. Furthermore there will be a supporting programme as well as contests for cosplay und karaoke.

additional information and Registration at:
:: manganimedo project :: ~8th year of J-Culture Events, Photos & Reports just 4 YOU~

see you in Potsdam/Germany this October,

GAKUTO - (leiter manganimedo)
Eventmanagement VAM-MATSURI
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