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Vacationing or Staying in Japan


12 Jun 2003
Hey Hey me again Souske

I was wondering since I am planning to go to japan after high school for vactioning I am only 13 but still it's a long time just to get every thing straightened out. I wanna go to japan on vaction after high school when I turn 17 or 18 I am still a teen though but I wanna get a list of places and age to enter the clubs,bars what ever and maybe sites and pics. Maybe when I am done with my studies I will move to japan.

I will go there to japan with my friend so I won't be alone on the ride there and that I already know some phrase's to get me here and there so I am basicly ready to get info. I am gonna get a job here when I turn 16 so I have the money to pay the 2 way airline tickets for 4 weeks.lol

Well I hope to get your response.


I feel like I have made a record of threads that's alot
Hey buddy, how have you been? I'm not really a big bar hopper, but I can tell you this: you must be 20 to buy alcohol in Japan. However, depending on where you go, it's not very difficult to get into bars and get a drink even if you're underage (well as long as you don't look 10...). On top of which, you're a foreigner, so you're unlikely to be asked for your ID in pubs, izakaya, or 12-seater bars...
It's a little premature to get a list of clubs for a trip 4 or 5 years away. Many of the clubs would be gone by then and many new clubs wil have appeared. As tasuki said the official drinking age is 20 but, in practice, there really is no drinking age.
Well, I think the reason he asked this, is that here in America, the government really keeps an eye out for young people not buying drinks, it's really important here.
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