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V Rock Festival

Fureya Eriku

Jeune Fille
20 Nov 2005
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Hello! Been years since I have posted here, and thought I'd come back for a bit!

Anywho! I am wondering if anyone here are familliar with V-Rock festival in Tokyo (well slightly on the outskirts)? I was there in 2009 and it was absolutely amazing! It's a huge Visual Kei festival, with tons of bands! Unfortunately it's a bit expensive but worth it! Have anyone else been there? What was your opinion of the festival? Would you go back? Any cool bands you got to see/good memories?

For me it was seeing Penicillin for the first time, and damn Hakuei is still hot! Haha! Also got to see Moi Dix Mois again which is always a blast. Oh and if you haven't checked him out, go right now and YouTube Toshihiko Takamizawa! Absolutely amazing artist known from a band called The Alfee from back in the 70's, but now he is doing some proper speedy powermetal stuff! :D

So yeah.. Just wanted to get the ball rolling about thoughts and such around this festival.

PS: Are any of the old forum users from 2007-2008 ish still on? Miss you lovelies!
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