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Utada Hikaru news!!

12 Oct 2003
Hmm... updates on Hikki!! 🙂


she'll be using the screenname(?) "UTADA", and not Hikaru Utada (the one signed under Island DefJam). Her US Debut album is reported to be released next spring...


Can't wait!
I guess that doesn't sound too bad. Hopefully it's not like "Ayu" labeled on the German market on her dance remixes casuing many people to think that Ayumi Hamasaki was some kind of DJ...
Ugh, yomenai yo.

Well anyway, let's hope it works out, because my friend thinks Island Def Jam already does a bad job with its current artists. Despite the VIP treatment she'll be receiving on debut...
So, Hikki is going to play the title role for the live action version of Dragonball as Son Goku or Son Gohan? :D
I hope the songs of the album will be more creative instead of trying to suit the taste of American mainstream listeners
Probably not. I don't think you can take any creative risks when you want to break into the American market.
Actually, I think she'd have a better chance if she just went creative and did her thing. If she tailored to the American market, she wouldn't really stand out.

But anyway, yay Hikki!!!!! ha, Ayumi doesn't have a US cd, does she? :)
As for ayu, it would be up to avex whether they would ever cater to the U.S. market.

And Twisted is right, Hikki won't be allowed to take any creative risks and will probably just stick her to singing standard R&B material. It's not like a full blown music genre crossover, like it was for "Latin" music with Ricky Martin, Antony, Shakira, etc where they were able to use and popularize their own creativity.
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