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Uncle Frank

21 May 2003
What do you think?? Good idea or bad?? If for some crazy reason, all the people in Japan woke up tomorrow and wanted such a thing(??what??); would the American public vote yes or no??
I'd be all for it if it ment I could live & work there without hassels and it was cheaper to travel there!

What's your vote & why?? Let's treat this is FANTASY!!


Total Population of America:abt 280,000,000
Total Population of Japan: . abt 126,000,000

Highest Vote % Winner at the American president election history:
--Lyndon Baines Johnson(61.05%, 1964)

Vote % at the last election:
--George W. Bush(49.83%)
--Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.(50.17%)

Watch out!;-)
Nope. Only 50 and a few places like Guam. I don't recall thier exact legal titles....
50 states plus one district (washingtion DC) then the following which are territories/commonwealths. not really sure whats the difference but guam is a territory and peutro rico is commonwealth, either's people are considered US citizens.

heres the list:
American Samoa, Baker Island, Guam, Howland Island, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Wake Island.

the language problem. Boy when California falls off the continent, you'll have some great surfing waves there!!


:D 😊 :p
a person I know went to Hawaii (he's Japanese) and every time he went for a walk in Waikiki, people kept asking him questions for directions, thinking he was a native there.... :D
He could barely speak English, or engrish, but yes, the language was not a problem for him getting around and doing things.... :D

even prices in Hawaii aren't too off the mark from Japan at times... :D
I've known so many Japanese people who want to vacation in Hawaii just because "they can speak Japanese"... :cautious:
I've also heard of many Amelikans who want to visit Hawaii, to possibly get some exposure to first hand engrish :D
Had a political science prof. who said that in Hawaii, you can tell the Japanese tourists form the Japanese-Americans apart fairly quickly. The Japanese-American will look you in the eye and say "hello" more often than not.

Have no idea how accurate that is. Since the U of H doesn't want to pay me to go to Hawaii, I probably wil never know...
That's probably true about the Japanese-American thing. :D After some time, you just get used to easily telling apart from the native Japanese people.
But seriously, Japanese tourists should say hi more often. :D
a lot of people go all the way to Hawaii for the $7.00 a gallon jug of milk? :D Hey, send those people my way....I have some off shore Californian beach homes (submerged) that are for sale, especially for those that don't know what to do with their money :D
Then there are some great potential real estate on Olympus Mons on Mars that could be for sale, as well as a ticket on the Space Station Mir.... :D
sorry....couldn't resist.....

I wonder if the US will make the Moon or Mars the 52nd and 53rd State? :D
Actually, it's $6. :D
But that's only in the places where tourists go. I even had Japanese students complain to me about that. :D But I can buy gallon milk for $3 since I don't live very close to tourist spots.
hmm....if I ever make it back to Hawaii, then I need to learn where you are hiding those non-tourist spot grocery places....Keiichi.... :D
No, no, no, Hawaii is neither Japan or the U.S.A. See, Hawaii is just...Hawaii.
It's its own place, its own identity. And it's better that way.
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